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中国民航飞行员英语考试900句 PEPEC考试900句

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第一章 基本通话术语

第二章 机场通话术语

第三章 雷达通话术语

第四章 进近通话术语

第五章 区域通话术语

第六章 紧急情况通话术语

第七章 气象及其他机场信息通话术语

第八章 其它情况通话术语

第一章 基本通话术语

1. Maintaining FL310.

2. Descending to FL290.

3. Reaching FL190.

4. Maintaining FL90 over WXJ.

5. Continue descent to 3000 feet,QNH 1012.

6. Passing FL180 for FL310.

7. Cleared to enter controlled airspace not above FL100.

8. Request further climb.

9. Fly direct to SHA, not below FL180.

10. After passing CGO descend to FL80.

11. Stop descent at FL210.

12. Descending to reach FL150 by WXI.

13. Unable to reach FL150 by ZHO due performance.

14. Climbing to FL290, to be level by 55.

15. Descend at 2000 feet per minute.

16. Climbing at 1000 feet per minute or greater.

17. When ready, descend to FL210, level at PLT.

18. Right heading 330, descending to 3000 feet, cleared for ILS approach Runway 36R.

19. Descend to 3000 feet, information P is current.

20. Expedite descent to FL180.

21. Expedite climb to FL190.

22. Climb to FL280 expedite until passing FL180.

23. Unable to expedite climb due weight.

24. Descending immediately to FL200 due traffic.

25. When ready, climb to FL280, report leaving FL200.

26. Leaving FL200, climbing to FL280.

27. Maintaining own separation and VMC, descending to FL80.

28. Reaching 8000 feet, request further climb.

29. Cancel SID, track direct to LLK, climb to and maintain FL110.

30. Experiencing icing condition. Request further descent.

31. Icing condition encountered. Request further climb.

32. Experiencing severe turbulence. Request further descent.

33. Reduce speed to Mach decimal 76.

34. Maintain Mach point 84 or greater.

35. Maintain Mach point 80 or less.

36. Maintain present speed.

37. Maintain 250 knots or greater.

38. Reduce to minimum clean speed.

39. Reduce to minimum approach speed.

40. Maintain 160 knots until 4 miles final.

41. Maintain 160 knots until outer marker.

42. Descend to FL120, on speed conversion, 250 knots.

43. Cancel speed restriction, continue descent to 7000 feet.

44. LMN-02 Departure, passing 2500 feet climbing to 9000 feet.

45. Maintaining FL350, cleared to destination, flight planned route.

46. Request radar vectors for visual approach Runway 22.

47. Request join downwind Runway 31.

48. Request taxi to holding point Runway 13.

49. Request taxi to south maintenance ramp.

50. Request frequency change.

51. 15NM to HRB, FL290, tracking to JMU, squawking 6543.

52. Contact Control on 118.9.

53. Position OBLIK at 0646, maintaining FL310, estimating ZF 0658, WUH next.

54. Next report at WXA.

55. Omit position reports.

56. Omit position reports on this frequency.

57. Resume position reporting.

58. Delay not determined due runway obstruction.

59. Approach time not determined due weather.

60. Slot time not determined due flow control.

61. Revised slot time at 56.

62. Expect hold at HUR VOR for 10 minutes due traffic.

63. Expected approach time 44.

64. Revised expected approach time 54.

65. No delay expected.

66. Delay not determined, numerous aircraft holding for weather improvement.

67. Cleared to exit the hold, fly direct to ML. Contact Approach on 128.35.

68. Approach clearance canceled, turn left direct to DA, climb to 4000 feet, hold as published, expect further clearance at time 50.

69. Ready for approach.

70. Request leave the holding pattern.

71. After passing SY VOR, leave the hold on heading 250, cleared for VOR approach Runway 06.

72. Leave JFK VOR heading 210.

73. Cleared to LHR, hold at LHR as published. Maintain 8000 feet. Expect further clearance at 18.

74. Hold south of AMS VOR at 9000 feet, inbound track 270 degrees, left hand pattern, outbound time 1 minute. Expect further clearance at 46.

75. Cleared to the 180 radial of PER VOR at 15 DME. Hold south, left hand pattern, outbound time 2 minutes, expect approach clearance at 37.

76. Information P received, stand 03, ready to copy ATC clearance.

77. Gate 26, request clearance to London with information F.

78. Cleared to destination, flight planned route, cruising level 330, departure Runway 04, initial altitude 7000 feet. HZ01 Departure, squawk 2563, departure frequency 124.35.

79. Cleared to destination via ZAM, flight planned route, D03 Departure, cruising level 230, squawk 3763.

80. Cleared to destination via flight planned route, Runway 36R, LKO-01 Departure, initially climb to 4500 feet, cruising level 310, when airborne contact 119.7, squawk 2515.

81. Cleared via ZF-01 Departure, initial altitude 5000 feet. Departure frequency 125.9. Cruising level 290, departure Runway 04. Squawk 6563.

82. Cleared to destination via flight plan route. Departure Runway 36L. HZ-01D Departure. Initial altitude 5000 feet. Cruising level 330. Departure frequency 119.45, squawk 5667.

83. Recleared to destination via ZF01 Departure, Runway 36R, rest of clearance unchanged.

84. Recleared to destination via B213, WHA, R343, rest of route unchanged.

85. Cleared to destination via flight planned route, initial climb to 2700 feet, request level change en-route, departure frequency 120.3, squawk 0722.