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考生须知 Rules for Examination Candidate
1. 考生须携带并出示身份证明文件和教员推荐证明等要求的文件。Candidates shall present the required documents such as Identification Document and instructor’s recommendation letter. 
2. 考生须按计划的场次、指定的座位参加考试,不得随意变换座位。Candidates shall attend the test with indicated time and seat. Please seat yourself as indicated unless being informed otherwise. 
3. 未完成考试的考生不得擅自离场,由于突发不适等原因不能坚持考试者,可以申请下一次考试。Those candidates who do not complete the test must not leave the test area and stay at there seats until the test ends with the exception that, upon examiner’s approval, those candidates who have valid reasons prevent them from continuing the test may be eligible for sitting in the next exam . 
4. 不得夹带考试有关的资料,不得使用自带的电子计算器、手机、电子词典等各类电子产品以及未经局方批准的材料或者其他辅助物品。Being in procession of any materials related to the test, calculator, portable phone, e-dictionary and other electronic and assistant devices at any time during the examination session other than those authorized by the proctor are prohibited. 
5. 不得代替他人或由他人代替参加部分或者全部理论考试。Taking the test on behalf of anyone else as well as asking anyone else to participate in the test on behalf of the tester in any part of the theory exam is a clear violation and will be subject to severe penalties. 
6. 不得带走考场使用的草稿纸,不得复制或有意取走理论考试试卷或考试图册。All test related materials including scrap papers shall be submitted to the proctors at the immediate end of the test. Test materials including question pamphlet and answer sheets as well as related charts shall be taken away intentionally. 
7. 不得帮助他人或者接受他人的帮助,不得交头接耳、左顾右盼、喧闹考场。Helping or receiving help from another candidate, contacting, communicating, talking to any other candidates are prohibited. 
8. 考试过程中如有疑问,由监考人员解释。Shall you have any inquiries during the exam, please inform the proctor. 
9. 严禁其他作弊行为。All kind of cheating behaviors are strictly prohibited and subject to penalties such as suspension. 
10. 对于违反考场纪律的,依据CCAR-61部第245条实施处罚。Those who are in violation of test rules will be punished subject to Clause 245, CCAR-61.